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Application Development


There are many application development environments and platforms in use today. The rise of Internet technologies in the past few years has superseded many of the client/server applications in use. Still, companies need to ensure that their applications can continue to be developed, maintained, and upgraded where necessary. Companies also need to continuously build new applications to take advantage of the opportunities the web presents. As mergers and consolidations happen, there is a need to bridge applications and access data from multiple systems. Companies need application development professionals who are skilled at the latest and existing technologies. Ven Soft, LLC Business Consultants are skilled in many application development environments and languages such as Linux, Visual Basic (VB), C/C++, Java, J2EE, Oracle, Powerbuilder, UNIX, Delphi, Visual C++, Visual Fox Pro, Visual J++, Visual Source Safe, and .Net.


Companies in every industry need skilled Internet and web developers to ensure that their online applications, web sites, and e-commerce systems are performing as required. The web site needs to be up and running continuously and they need to be ready to take advantage of new opportunities, such as marketing initiatives, quickly and efficiently. Ven Soft, LLC Business Consultants are skilled in every possible Internet and web tool set there is. Ven Soft, LLC Business Consultants can help you build new Internet systems and manage the ones you already have in place. Technologies represented include HTML, JavaScript, Java, J2EE, ActiveX, XML, JSP, and PHP.

Testing tools

Applications that do not work in production can cost companies millions of dollars. Imagine how many potential customers would leave a web site if the links did not work properly. Sound quality assurance programs utilizing high-quality testing tools are required to ensure customer satisfaction.

Greenline Solutions, LLC delivers a wide range of quality assurance and automated testing services featuring tools from major vendors including functional testing tools and scripting languages with tools such as QARun from Compuware, WinRunner from Mercury Interactive and Visual Test from Rational Software (IBM). Load testing tools and associated scripting languages on tools such as LoadRunner from Mercury Interactive, QALoad from Compuware, Webload from Radview Software and others.


Configuration Manager

Application developers need to manage the software development process. Call it software configuration management or software change management; there are standard applications that your consultants need to know how to use. Ven Soft, LLC Business Consultants are skilled at the leading SCM tools such as PVCS, RCS, ClearCase, CCC/Harvest, Remedy, Rational Rose and others.



Companies need to ensure that disparate systems can talk to each other. As mergers, consolidations, and globalization continue to increase, companies have many different systems to integrate. The need for IT professionals who understand middleware, the glue that binds different systems together, is paramount. Ven Soft, LLC Business Consultants are skilled in many middleware and associated networking technologies including BEA WebLogic, WebMethods, COM, DCOM, COM++, CORBA, EJB, Microsoft .Net, J2EE, Java, XML, CORBA, Novell Netware and IBM Websphere.



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